Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bento #8

This was made for Chipsy's lunch yesterday.

Since he doesn't care so much for the pretty colours and cute bento accessories, I just cut corners and served his lunch in the bento box which was what excites him usually.

He had some similar food as Marcus' bento, like the brown rice ball (here I can make into perfect spherical shape since this box is not as shallow and also it wasn't lidded), panfried salmon and a quail egg. I steamed some sliced Japanese sweet potato and also added a portion of the steamed kampong egg with tofu and peas dish specially for him, so it was a protein rich meal.

He took a long time but nevertheless, ate everything in the box happily. That pleased me tremendously, not just because he was well fed, but also when I think of all the goodness in the meal that has gone into his tummy.


Anonymous said...

hi, wanna ask u when ur chipsy took a long time to finish the meal, do u heat up the food again for him.

my son also takes long time to finish if he were to self feed. so most of the time i'll just feed him, otherwise will hv to microwave the food half way thru. and i dun quite like the idea of microwaving.

Anonymous said...

oh yea one more qn... how old is ur chipsy? my son just turned 2yo. but he's definitely eating so much lesser than chipsy! :)

Domestic Goddess said...

Hi anonymous, I usually don't heat up the food unless it is stone cold and the coldness affects the taste of food. Very often I still feed him even though he can self-feed perfectly, or I may adopt a 2-spoon approach. Chipsy turns 2 next month. On a good day, Chipsy can eat about 340ml of food at one sitting and still drink a bottle of milk after. But only on good days.. LOL.. so all kids are different. :)


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