Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bento #7

I tried out the new bento box I got from Daiso recently for Marcus' school lunch yesterday. It has 2 layers and a compartment for cutlery. Total volume of 510 ml which I feel is still a bit too much for my 4yo but it is a better size than the previous 800 ml Lock n Lock I used for his bento the past weeks. And when it is empty, it is collapsible into a tiny box which is definitely a plus point to me, from storage point of view. 

Top layer:
2 brown rice balls made into oval shape to fit into box decorated with nori seaweed, carrot flowers and peas. Panfried teriyaki salmon cubes underneath the steamed broccoli and courgette.

Bottom layer:
2 mini Ritz cheese sandwich, grapes, quail eggs, a roll of cheddar cheese with smoked ham, 2 organic Mouse shaped cheese biscuits on top of a few almonds and cashew nuts. 

Additional: a pack of 180ml Smoo milk.

This bento took me a little longer than expected to prepare and assemble as there were many different ingredients. I already saved time by cooking the brown rice and shaping it last night. I only heated it up briefly in microwave oven prior assembly. The salmon was also cleaned and cut while half frozen and thawed overnight in fridge, so I only needed to marinate an hour prior to cooking. 

Again, this bento contains many of his favourite food. I am very pleased with the overall presentation and nutritional value of this lunch though I felt a wee bit rushed. But it is all worth it as long as it makes my boy smile and I know he will when he opens his bento.

Verdict: He ate everything except a slice of the courgette and told me he thinks the baby eggs are a really funny thing to eat. When I asked him if he liked the rice balls, his reply was "they are not balls mummy. They aren't even round! But I like them anyway." I was going to make them into perfect spheres when I realised the bento box is too shallow to hold them, so instead I made them into egg shape.

See bento #8 for Chipsy's lunch.

PS: Something is wrong with my camera and I just can't figure out the problem. See the faint lines in the background of the photos! They drive me nuts and all the photos I try to take outdoors have turned out overly exposed. 


june said...

DG, i must say, the bento boxes are gorgeous! so yummy looking... too good to eat... it really inspires me to do the same with DN at home... i've tried toasting star shaped bread bites for him, but it doesn't interest him in the least bit. -_- I'm the only one gushing in the kitchen.

u should blog about all the equipment you use!

btw, can i link ur blog to DN's? if u want to keep it private, i totally understand :)

Domestic Goddess said...

Hi June, thanks for your kind words. :) I shall try to blog about the bento gear I use though I really don't use much. So a bit embarrassing to blog about the few cutters I have. :P

Sure, you may link the blog to DN's. Would be an honour! :)

june said...

likewise! :)

who cares if u only have a few cutters?! the bento boxes still look so delicious! did u get the little japanese paper cups too?

Domestic Goddess said...

Hi June, I did buy some japanese paper cups, but not used in this bento. They are simply too cute to resist!

*** CeLiNe *** said...

Hey there!

I have the same problem with my camera!! Did you figure out what was the problem?

Your bento sets are really something!

Domestic Goddess said...

Hi Celine, thanks and welcome to my blog! I sent my Casio camera for repair recently and was told the shutter is spoilt and they had to replace the lens (I think so, I hope I got it right!) Now it is as good as new!


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