Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I am in a reflective mood lately. Looking through all the old photos reminds me of many incidents, people, thoughts of the past and it is kind of nice to reflect and ponder about the past as a way to gather the lessons learnt, appreciate the nitty-gritty details of the forgotten and be grateful of what I am granted. 

Perhaps my nearing birthday is affecting me in some subconscious ways, though I don't think I am dreading being a year older. I think I will dread turning 40, but that will be still quite a few years to come. I do feel like I am no longer that young. Recently, I notice the lines showing around my eyes. Sigh. All my SK II and Clarins and what-nots are not doing what they are supposed to after all. 

Our first bunny, Toffee. I named him. He was my first baby. He arrived in our new home on 2nd June 2004, 3 months before Marcus arrived and died the day Nicholas was born. I was heartbroken while I was in labour. 

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