Thursday, August 7, 2008


The boys spent yesterday at Ah Ma's house and played with their 2 cousins. The older kids shared their colouring pencils and books and the younger tots played with baby toys. Isis is now talking so much more and it was so funny to watch Marcus talking to her and listen to their conversation. I overheard this which tickled me so much. 

Marcus: What is your favourite colour? 
Isis: I like so many colours. I like red, blue, ... What colour do you like?
Marcus: Umm.. I like red and green. Err.. do you miss me a lot after such a long time?
Isis (stares at him quizzically): No. Umm... um.. yes. 

Then we took all 4 kids to the neighbourhood shops and Marcus and Isis saw an advertisement with a picture of a bra. 

Isis: What is that? (pointing at the bra)
Marcus: Oh oh... it is something that protects the boobs! 
Isis: Huh? What boobs? It is round round.. (pointing at the cups)
Marcus: I don't know. I don't have. My mummy has. 


More playdates lined up today for the boys. The plan is to head to indoor playground tomorrow, another outing on Saturday morning and watch fireworks at papa's office in the evening. 

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