Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Extended school days & Bento #1 and #2

I am definitely more excited than M about his first extended school day. 

I have been very excited about the prospects of making him his first bento to enjoy with his friends and teachers and all the new stuff he is going to learn in Chinese. It is embarrassing to admit but I found myself so excited that I couldn't drift off to sleep last night till past midnight! Haha!

For the past 2 months, I have been trying to explain to the boy the concept of staying in school after his morning class and have lunch at school, before proceeding to a different classroom with Chinese teachers for some very fun activities. He starts his 3 hours BDB (Bian Dan Ban) today, but I am not sure if he really comprehends what to expect. 

I briefed him several times that I will send his lunchbox in to his teachers when he finishes his school today, and showed him the very cool School Bus bag I got a Japanese neighbour to shop for in Tokyo and his lunchbox, so he would recognise them. 

He has never eaten from a lunchbox before, so I decided to let him try that yesterday in the comfort of home. He was so amused when I showed him the lunchbox which I prepared specially for him and he smiled sweetly at me and even asked if Chipsy will get his own lunchbox too. 

Bento #1 : For lunch yesterday.

Forbidden rice with steamed cod and courgette. Almonds. Apple and mini chocolate wafers.
The apple was cut into bite size and I included a green elephant pick which he made him smile. He ate up every edible bit in the box and concluded that it was a good lunch. :) 

Bento #2: For lunch today. 

Potato gratin. Savoury sweet corn pudding (his favourite and it's not dessert). Seedless grapes. Almonds and Multigrain cereal. A pack of Smoo milk.

I made both the gratin (picture above) and sweet corn pudding according to recipes in Nigella Bites. They are so simple to make and yet so heavenly delicious that I must have made them over 40 times!

Already, I have got zillions of ideas of the cute bento I am going to make for him in the weeks to come. I can't wait to pick him up from school later and chat about his day and his lunch. 

Hmm... now I am wondering if I should persuade E to let me make him a bento to take to work. I'll bet he says no unless it consists a large portion of curry chicken or black pepper crab. Haha! 

Edited to add: According to the teacher, M ate everything in his lunchbox very slowly and was the last to finish. He said he liked the food, but he didn't eat the gratin because he was full up. He resisted participating in many of the activities in the new BDB, but I am sure he will get round to loving them in the next few lessons. 


Contentedmom said...

i love your healthy choices..i do practise healthy eating at home much so that hubby thinks it is boring :(

Domestic Goddess said...

I do like to eat healthily, especially so with my boys' diets. But my hubby and I love our curries, pasta and other indulgences which we allow ourselves to partake, in moderation of course. :) I live for good food, so I try to make delicious and yet nutritious meals as often as I can. Perhaps we can swop pointers and ideas. :)


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