Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Train

He plays with his train set everyday for the last 3 months. I paid $40 for it after 50% discount at the ELC store. With some coaxing, Marcus will set it up for his lil brother to play and with even more coaxing, he may even clean up after! 

They do fight very often as both want to have a go at the same time, usually for longer than the other would allow. For that discounted price, I deem it a good buy. 

To go with the theme and passion for train, we have been reading Nicholas a Byron Barton book which really captures his interest.

E bought it when Marcus was about 25 months, together with the author's other equally fantastic book on Boat. Within a week after purchase, Marcus could read both books fluently. 

Sometimes, I encourage Marcus to read books to his brother. It amuses Nicholas so much when Marcus reads to him, not that Marcus isn't reading properly, but I think he finds the change in reader fascinating. It is great reading practice for Marcus and also an excellent bonding tool for the boys. 

It is indeed "a stone kills two birds" move. And I can just sit back and relax with a cup of coffee. Simply perfect!  

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