Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My boss

Marcus had a chat with me recently about adults going to work. 

He understands that I left my job when he was born to look after him and now I look after Chip too. Someone has to work to bring home the bacon, so that responsibility falls on papa. After learning that papa's boss is in the office, he asked if I am now working for him and Chipsy. That made me laugh! 

It is technically true that my sons are my bosses. He calls himself the small boss and E is my big boss. Then he paused for a second and added that the smallest boss is Chipsy! 

And the conclusion is "Mama has 3 bosses!"


Contentedmom said...

marcus is really a bundle of joy and challenge !!..very funny too...

Contentedmom said...

i share alot of your your post re why i do stay at home?

it pains me much to see some maids ill treating the kids, drastically or mildly..i just cant bear to leave my kids with a maid, though my helper is actually quite good.

take care and god bless!


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