Friday, August 1, 2008


Between July and October, we have lots of birthday celebrations to get through. I usually get into a slight panic around this time of the year, having realised that I have no concrete plans for E's bday celebrations and also no vague idea of what presents to get for all my 3 boys. Err.. history is repeating itself. It is so hard to buy anything for E, really. I am just a lousy gift giver.

I told E today on MSN Messenger that I want a cake for my birthday this year, not just a slice. (I hope he doesn't interpret that as I want a cake INSTEAD of a present! Hmmph!) He doesn't eat cake so he doesn't appreciate the niceness of having a birthday cake. For past years, I always got a slice or slices if we ended up eating at some buffets.

So he said "Can!!" readily and immediately replied on Messenger that he wants a big siew mai with a candle on it for his birthday! Hahaha!

Did I mention before that siew mai is what he wants to eat for his last meal on Earth? He loves siew mai so much that when we were on holiday in Shanghai, he declared that he was going to start a blog blogging about his search for the best siew mai in the world. Hee hee hee...


Rachel Dominique said...

Hi DG,
Happy Birthday to you. I'm celebrating my birthday to this August. Hope you get a wonderful birthday cake. Will be baking my own this year.

BTW I tagged you for an award on my blog- From Dominique's Desk. Happy Blogging and have a wonderful weekend.

DomesticGoddess said...

Thanks Rachel! Happy Birthday to you too. Wow.. baking your own cake! Kowtow.. I will never be so nice to myself. :) I can only bring myself to buy myself a cake.

BTW, I need the pw for your blog again. Pls email me, okie? Thanks!


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