Sunday, August 3, 2008

Beach & shopping

Since they are so into sand play recently, I took them to the playground 3 times in 5 days, but it didn't stop Marcus from suggesting for more digging and dumping of sand at the beach. 

So off we went and the kids had tons of fun at Sentosa's Palawan Beach yesterday.

Though we brought lots of barang barang, I managed to stuff them all into 2 big bags, and we took a cab all the way to the beach. It was so busy there but the buzz added to the fun. To please the kids, we took the Sentosa tram to Vivo on the way back, so the boys could spend time at the playground and Toys R Us before catching another cab home.

Then I got some time on my own to explore Daiso and bought lots of stuff which I intend to use when I pack Marcus' lunchbox. I can't wait to get creative in packing his lunchbox. Whenever I look at bento art, I get all excited and inspired, though I am not giving myself any pressures or setting expectations. I aim small. :)

As for today, we did some shopping at Orchard Road, starting with a brief stay at Kino, then the Original Toy Store where I got the birthday presents for one of the boys. What is most rewarding though is I finally found my sunglasses after searching for a year! The search is officially over and now I can protect my eyes stylishly. I can't be more pleased with my shopping this weekend. After this post, I am going to cook a yummy dinner and enjoy some family time. Perhaps unwind with a good glass of chardonnay.

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