Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Beautiful Day

I began a beautiful day with a nice and lazy lie in this morning. E got Marcus ready for his first day back to school and handled Nicholas while I drifted back to my slumber. I finally got up close to 10am and after plenty of kisses from my boys, I strolled to Starbucks for a lovely latte and yummy blueberry muffin before my nail appointment. 

I hooked up with my boys again for sashimi and sushi after my nails were manicured and tucked in to a feast though I wasn't even hungry. After the big meal, we headed home for more pleasures. E had delightfully bought 2 cakes from the newly opened CanelĂ© Pâtisserie. Both are so heavenly and sinfully delicious (not that I would ever mind the "sin"!). 

Marcus sang the Happy Birthday song with E, while Chipsy looked on and he politely asked if he could cut the cake with me. Since E is not a cake-lover, I can pretty much savour them all by myself. Marcus shared a small piece of the signature chocolate cake and absolutely loved it, which was a bit surprising to me considering its richness.

After the cakes were cut and photos snapped, I began the tasks of opening all my presents and cards. The collection this year included a box of yummylicious Ferrero Raffaello, 2 books and a super-sized gorgeous coffee mug. 

I have this thing for gigantic coffee mugs - seems to me that the coffee tastes better when it is sipped from a large mug, so I started a collection recently of cute coffee mugs, all thanks to E.

The Porn for Women book is greatly appreciated and very funny. Great stuff for sharing on girls' nights out. The Nigella book is definitely a fabulous addition to my current collection. 

The kids made a really amazing card and Marcus drew a "love truck" for me.


E and I went for a really good dinner two nights ago at the Prime Society, without the kids, as an early celebration for my birthday and a belated one for his. So tonight, he looked after the kids while I had a leisurely dinner with my sister who shares the same birthday as me. We used to have a birthday cake between us and our whole family would gather and sing us the birthday song. So it is kind of nice to do this sisterly thingy again. 

A very relaxing and simple way to celebrate this day. Just the way I like it to be.  


Anonymous said...

What a lovely and luxurious way to spend the day, Happy Birthday once more! I like the Nigella book apt, given your nick ;)


Handydog said...

Happy birthday! So sweet of your boys.

DomesticGoddess said...

Thank you Val and Karen. :)


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