Saturday, August 16, 2008

Read, Mama, Read!

Like Marcus, Nicholas has been asking for bedtime reading every night before he will settle for bed. He will insist that we read a few of his favourite books, a couple of times at least, before asking in his cutest little voice "mama, pat pat". How can I resist? I usually don't. 

His current favourites are Trains by Byron Barton and My World by Margaret Wise Brown. And as he sits on my lap and I cuddle his warm body, we read the books together from cover to cover. Every night he seems to notice new details about the story and illustrations and asking new questions and sometimes repeating the old ones too. I really enjoy such bonding time so much and I love to pause and sniff his hair and plant kisses on his head and cheeks before continuing. What a pleasure!

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LISA said...

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