Monday, August 11, 2008


We met on this day, exactly 8 years ago at Kevin's house. 

I turned up with Fel that Friday at about 730pm, as her companion to attend the birthday party of a really cute guy from London who oozes with sex appeal (in Fel's words). The moment I walked in the door, I noticed the cutest guy sitting in a corner playing a guitar. Upon seeing us, he placed the instrument on the floor and walked over with a pretty smile. There was an air of confidence about him and I notice he was rather handsome and really cute. All the pleasantries exchanged and as it turned out, he was the birthday boy!

Just before midnight, we all left Kevin's and continued the celebrations at China Jump at Chijmes (which was a rather hip place then) and there, he moved fast to begin his courtship as he realised he only had 1.5 days left before he had to depart for London. He cancelled all his plans for the following day in order to spend the whole day with me. It was indeed quite a magical day. But sadly, he had to leave the next morning. 

Luckily, the rest was history and despite the odds, we met and continued the communication and persevered the long distance relationship to reap the eventual rewards. 

It has been a really long time. 8 years exactly. That night 8 years ago, at this time of that night, I believed we were indulging in some flirting of some form on the dance floor of one of the clubs we visited with the rest of the group. It was lots of fun and also sweet and exciting. It is certainly fun to remember memorable details like these.

Happy birthday darling. 

I know this excites you more than a cake. :) 

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