Sunday, August 10, 2008

Old Chang Kee

Kids around the globe would insist on a burger or fries whenever they see the golden arches of McDonalds. But my Marcus doesn't. He may read the name, but will walk past without paying it more notice. 

However, if he sees Old Chang Kee, he announces excitedly and will drag us over to the counter and plead for a snack. He has a OCK detector built in him. He seems to be able to spot a OCK from really, really far away. 

There are 2 OCKs near our home, so it is very difficult to avoid passing one even if it is just going to the supermarket. Once we get to the city centre, there are OCKs almost in every mall, every street corner (or it seems to me) and we hear his requests almost every hour. 

When he is out alone with papa, I know E indulges him and would buy him something from there. Be it a stick of nuggets, fish balls or fritters of some kind. He is usually not so lucky if I am around. I often refuse and reason with him that he needs to eat dinner first, or we will buy something later on the way back etc etc... I view OCK as junk and I feel a pang of guilt whenever I buy him a snack from there. I am brainwashed somewhat by the research I read from the Internet, so whenever he eats those deep fried snacks, I think of the trans fat and of his precious brain cells being murdered. 

Now Marcus has been asking for it so frequently, that I feel compelled to set a new rule. OCK is only for Saturday. I am pretty sure it is meaningless to Marcus as his concept of the days of the week and time is still so fuzzy. But this new rule is only 2 days old, so we shall see if it works. 

He once asked me in a very serious tone, "Why is Old Chang Kee so old?" He thinks it is called OCK because it is old. And he followed "Where is the new Chang Kee?" 

He just climbed into bed next to me as I am typing this (i.e. this very moment, he is actually reading this very sentence that I am typing) and he just exclaimed as he reads the subject title "Oh mummy! It's Old Chang Kee!! Why are you typing Old Chang Kee? I lurrrrve Old Chang Kee! I want to eat Old Chang Kee now." 


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