Monday, July 14, 2008

School Holidays

Yesterday was the start of Marcus' month long school holiday. With two kids at home all the time will require some good planning for our happiness and sanity. In a way, I am glad there are two of them at home, so they can have playmates all the time, though they do have plenty of conflicts. But it is a good way for them to learn how to play socially, communicate their needs and wants and resolving conflicts among themselves. 

Besides playdates, swimming and daily playground visits, I am planning to take them to parks and gardens, gym facilities in town, Sentosa and Science Centre. Perhaps a visit to the zoo and day trips to the farms too. It will be quite a challenge to take both out for a long stretch of time by myself but I guess the fun and satisfaction at the end of the day will be more than enough to compensate for the frustration I feel from time to time when both run in opposite directions. 

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