Saturday, July 12, 2008


A conversation we had recently when Marcus asked me the first question out of the blue. 
Marcus: "Where is your daddy?"
Me: "He died before you were born." 
Marcus: "Why did he die?"
Me: "Because he was sick."
Marcus: "Did he die in the hospital?"
Me: "Yes."

He told E today when they were out that "Mama's daddy died long time ago, before I was born". 

A funny conversation this evening while he was sitting on the toilet seat and I was waiting for him to finish. (Got to remember this in future that we often chat when he is on his toilet seat)
Marcus: "Mummy, why didn't your papa and mama buy you toys?" (he remembers that I told him recently that I didn't have much toys when I was small)
Me: "Because they were very poor. They didn't have much money."
Marcus: "My daddy has big coins so he can buy me toys."
Me: "Do you have big coins too?"
Marcus: "Noooo.. I am a child! I have no money."
Me: "Well, when you grow up and become an adult, you can go to work and earn money. Then you can buy yourself toys."
Marcus: "Mummy, you are an adult. You can go to work."
Me: "Yes I can. But who will look after you and Chipsy if I go to work?"
Marcus: "You can go to work and daddy can look after me and Chipsy."
Me: "Oh.. you prefer daddy to look after you? Not mummy?"
Marcus: (adding very quickly) "Oh, it is also very nice when mummy stays home to look after me and chipsy." (I can sense that he is becoming more sensitive to my feelings and as he said this, he watched my expressions closely)
Marcus: "But there are 2 adults in this house. You and my papa. Both of you can go to work."
Me: "Do you want both of us to go to work?"
Marcus: "Yes because there are not enough toys in this house!"

Hahaha! That cheeky boy! 

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