Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My favourite uncle

J was really kind to accept my invitation to take the boys to Explorerkid today and we took the MRT there for the kids' benefit and spent 2 hrs there. J was to follow Marcus around and I watched Nicholas since he is younger and more risks of falling or hurting himself. It was really funny to watch Marcus dashing around the whole gym, climbing up and down the climbing frames while J tried to catch up with him. After an hour or so, J was visibly slowing down and I could hear him asking Marcus to take a rest. The little boy didn't need any rest; he was still bursting with energy and just kept going till he finally announced he was hungry and needed to eat lunch. Fed them brunch before we left home at 11am so we had a late lunch at 3pm.

Even little Nicholas had such a great time. He did take breaks from time to time as he sat or stood for a while to take in his surroundings. He was very daring and kept wanting to go down the slide on his own. Being the cautious mum, I refused to let him since it is a wide slide and of considerable height, so for a small tot like him, I do consider the risks too high if he ventures alone. I offered to sit him on my lap and slide with him, but he made clear that this was a "I go alone" or "I'm not interested" deal for him, so in the end, we didn't use the slides at all which was fine by me.

The boys snoozed in the cab on way back which is always a good sign that they had fun. When J left, Marcus woke up from his nap and cried that he wanted his favourite uncle (referring to J). Made me laugh really but it is heartwarming that he is warming up to his uncle, who was endearingly holding on to his young nephew's hand all the time. It reminded me of the times long ago when I held J's hand when we were kids and now my brother is all grown and holding my son's hand. Aww..

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