Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I love you

One of the things that makes me happy is watching my boys play.

I stood by the kitchen and watched both boys play independently and separately for about 10 min this evening while E was busy with his toys in the study. Marcus was creating a new Lego truck at the dining table with full concentration while Nicholas sat on the floor nearby playing with a Lego structure that Marcus had built earlier and observing how all the different parts move and work.

It is really nice to watch them playing quietly and purposefully on their own. Out of the blue, Marcus looked up and said to me "Mummy, I love you.".... Aww... I often ask him if he knows I love him a lot and his reply is always "I know mummy, I love you too". I told my baby chip too that I love him and I say that to them both several times a day, accompanied by plenty of kisses on their cheeks and forehead.

It brings a certain tenderness to my heart whenever I think of how much I love them and that they are aware of it.

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