Thursday, July 17, 2008

Big Wheel

We finally went to satisfy our curiosity. The Singapore Flyer that is. We told the boys they are going on a big wheel this morning and they were so excited. Nicholas kept going "big wheel, big wheel" as he paced the living room though I am sure he has no idea what and where we are taking him. Marcus has seen the Flyer from a taxi many times, so it must be so meaningful to him to finally board the capsule and be on the slowly moving wheel. 

Half hour on the wheel is mighty long time to me and I got bored about 15 min after, but it was an experience nonetheless. It was more exciting for me to be on the London Eye though as I could examine the unfamiliar skyline and landscape of the British capital from that impressive height. Looking at Singapore skyline isn't very exhilarating for me, but of course we did it for the kids. E has been on it before during one of his work functions but he said it is better in daytime. 

Typical of kids, Marcus was all mesmerised by the scenery from up high and spent a lot of time exclaiming about this and that and trust his sharp observation to spot all sorts of things that I didn't spot. It was fun explaining stuff and answering his questions from that height since we get to see things from different perspective and even to little Nicholas, it was special as he dashed around inside the capsule and pointed to clouds and ships and diggers and trucks that he noticed from time to time. 

After about 20 min, when we were at the highest point of the wheel and our capsule was on its way descending, Marcus announced "Ok, I have enough now. I want to get out now" which promptly drew laughter from all the adults with us. We shared with a Caucasian family (complete strangers). Luckily, he didn't fuss at all when we explained that we can't just get out as we please but have to wait till it reaches the bottom of the wheel. 

Right after we exited, Marcus said "ok, I want to go on the big wheel again". :) Evidence that he enjoyed it. 

After a quick lunch, we headed back for a 2 hr playdate with K's 2 gals. It was a slight pity that Marcus fell asleep just minutes before they arrived, so it was only Nicholas enjoying the company of 4 gals. Well, K and I got to chat quite a bit, which was nice. 

It has been another busy week and with a full plan for tomorrow and the weekend, I am looking forward to a more restful Monday before I catch up with my darling Z who is hailing from New York. Gosh! I can't wait! 

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