Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Piiiiiiggy!!

Chipsy cannot be any more affectionate towards his Piggy. He carries Piggy everywhere around the house and even want to throw Piggy into the bath with him, if I were to allow him to.

Some days, he is lucky enough to go to bed with both. A funny photo I took one day during naptime when I found him falling asleep with the labels of both piggies in his mouth. Hee hee! He has been sucking the labels nowadays, an upgrade from his previous feast on the ears and limbs.

He saw the small Piggy at a shop at the airport. Stared at it for a brief moment while in my arms, and the moment he kicked himself free from me, dashed over and picked it up and never let go till it was paid for.

His two favourite toys!

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