Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Protective Big Brother

Few days ago, E took the boys out and Chipsy refused to walk and sat on the floor outside a store. After some time, E threatened to leave the store with M, leaving Chipsy behind. M quickly told papa not to leave his baby brother behind as he loves his brother very much. Aww... 

At the playground yesterday, I realised M was getting more protective of his baby brother too.

Another boy came by and snatched a shovel that Chipsy was holding but I didn't intervene as I wanted to watch Chipsy's reaction. M walked over from the other side of the playground and protectively told the boy to return it to his brother and looked ready to snatch it away from him if he refused. The boy did and all went back to play harmoniously. From then on, M would glance at Chip's direction occasionally as if checking on him. 

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