Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I'm a baby owl. Hoot Hoot!

That is what Marcus says on some days. Makes us laugh when he climbs into our bed at 630am and whispers that into our ears while he makes himself comfortable on our bed and arranges the quilt neatly over himself.

He asked what do owls eat, how do they sleep and other questions about them. He insists he is a baby owl and not the adult ones, as presumably the babies are cuter and he is comparing himself to Chipsy who is a baby. He tells us sometimes that his favourite food is rats, not the bread made in a mouse shape that I offered to bake for him, but the "real rats in Ratatouille". Yikes! 

I just asked him if he would like to eat jacket potato with avocado and prawns for dinner and he said "no, I'm an owl so I only eat prawns and avocado. No potato". Told him owls don't eat prawns and avocado and he said "I'm a special blue owl that eats prawns. I love prawns but not potato". 

Yes, he loves seafood and can eat plenty of Alaskan king crab and bbq crabs, prawns and fish at one sitting, so it always makes me feel good when we take him for seafood buffet. Luckily, he is not a fussy eater anymore and despite asking for prawns on daily basis, he still eats his meals if the menu features the "lesser meat" like chicken and pork. 

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