Sunday, June 29, 2008

Family friends

I love our time with family friends and especially enjoy the company of some of our wonderful friends whom we have been hanging out with a lot lately. They have young kids like ours and it is great to see the boys mingling with theirs while we adults chat and have a laugh. Like our lunch at Brussels Sprouts today. 4 families of 9 adults and 9 kids of German, Japanese, American, British and Singaporean descent. Lovely mix of culture! 

And yesterday, we took the boys to Go Go Bambini for a birthday party and they totally crashed out after the 2 hour play and party food there. In the evening, we had hawker food dinner by the pool with our Japanese neighbours and enjoyed a bottle of yummy red together before calling it a night at 930pm. 

So it is a good weekend with lots of company, good laugh and yummy food. And minimal stress. 

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