Monday, June 23, 2008


The grannies came for 6 weeks and left 2 weeks ago. It is so obvious this time that the kids really appreciated and loved the company of their grannies who stayed with us for about 4.5 weeks.

Grandpa taught Chipsy how to fly an helicopter using a remote control and the little baby could master it so superbly (his chopper stays near the ceiling for a few minutes at a time!). Buzz Light year played Lego with grandpa everyday and got inspired to build even more sophisticated models. Grandma patiently read to the boys and followed them everywhere and played with them whenever they allowed her. When they finally left Singapore, Marcus kept asking me why do they have to return to London and when will they come back. He talks about them every few days and with his vivid memory of how he has spent time in their company, he still describes the things he did with them as if they all happened "this morning". His concept of time is still fuzzy, so when he said something "happens this morning" means they are very recent to him.

Perhaps we really should make some concrete plans to visit London with the kids this year. Jetlag and how cumbersome it would be to travel such long distance with 2 young tots should be secondary compared to the enormous gains of pleasure and experience in store for them.

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