Thursday, July 5, 2007

Secrets of Childhood

by Maria Montessori.

Finally finished reading the whole book. It is a small paperback with only 200+ pages but I seem to take forever to finish as I find the book is quite full of blah-blah... though once you get through the blah-blah, there are lots of insights into the secrets of childhood which I find very beautifully described by author. Reminder for me once again that my boys are only boys and they are truly beautiful, with an innocent soul and I have to look at them and their world, appreciate their intentions and actions from their perspectives. Easier said than done on a daily basis, but I shall try harder.


A child is an explorer.

An adult can substitute himself for a child by subtly imposing his wills, substituting it for that of the child. Power of suggestions.


The special object of a child's affection is the adult. It is the child who oves, who wants to feel an adult near him, and who delights in attracting attention to himself. Adults often fail to appreciate this deep love of the child.


Anonymous said...


chanced upon your blog and I am so impressed with your boy! He is a real charmer!

And I would like to find out more abt MFC from you. If its convenient, can you please email me at
thanks alot.

DomesticGoddess said...

hi there, thank you. :) He is very charismatic. I am sure your gal is gorgeous too. Would love to meet her someday. :)


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