Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Conversation, Observation, Stories

We have this conversation everyday recently as Marcus draws for me.

Marcus: mama, you want a double decker bus or a train?
Me: er.. a train please.
Marcus: oh no no no (shaking his head and index finger), you want a double decker bus. OK! (excitedly)

Marcus: mama, you want a taxi or a long, long bus?
Me: er.. I want a taxi pls..
Marcus: OK, you WANT a long, long bus! OK, I draw mama a long, long bus.

Haha... though I'm given choices, regardless what I choose, Marcus the artist will still draw his favourite double-decker and long, long (bendy) buses.

Was so amazed how sharp (or not sharp I am) Marcus is, or maybe he is just a geek when it comes to buses. He told me earlier that all double-decker buses are SBS Transit buses and all bendy buses are from SMRT. Wow.. I didn't know that. Never interested, and never known.

Told me last night at bedtime that Tarun (his classmate) bit a dragon's tail. Asked him what dragon? Said it is a black dragon. Asked him where. Told me it's in Tarun's bed.

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