Thursday, July 5, 2007

Good days

I try to appreciate the good days I have with my boys, and I like to think that I do have more of such days than the not-so-good ones. Usually by the time the boys go to bed, and I watch them silently by their cots, I do feel this deep sense of love rushing through my veins and I do miss them. Funny how sometimes I get so tired during the day that I wish they would go to bed early and when they do, I miss them so much that I wish they would wake up so I can talk, play and cuddle them.

Today can be considered a good day though we didn't do much except for the usual. Well, I managed to spend some good time cuddling/bonding with nicholas while Marcus was in school, spent time with Marcus during N's nap and got the boys down for their evening walk. Marcus spent some time chasing big ants with sticks, which made both boys laugh. I guess it does make a big difference to my day when Marcus is relatively agreeable throughout the day. He woke up relatively happy, not grumpy before/after nap/at mealtimes, ate all his food and no major tantrums. In fact, it is really a tantrum-free day, except just before dinner time when he was starving and waiting for his fish fingers to bake. Still, it wasn't a tantrum, more like a small complain that he is hungry.

And Nicholas is so sweet as usual, though he is beginning to protest more now and harder to feed than a month ago. But he really makes me feel so loved and wanted by the way he prefers me ALL the time and I love cuddling his soft, warm body which always smells so nice. My baby goes to bed by 830pm, all fed and clean, giving me enough time to bond with Marcus before his bedtime.

I am not overly tired, nor stressed out, no major mistakes by anyone else in the household etc... so it is a relatively good day.

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