Thursday, July 5, 2007

Red... my son's favourite colour and he sure looks good in it. Marcus definitely loves it more than the other shades. He asks to wear his red tee shirt everyday and if it is not available, he wants his ladybug tee which has a big red ladybug on the front. It is very tempting to run out and buy him a few more red shirts, but the practical side of me worries that he may decide tomorrow that red is his most-hated colour. Luckily I have Nicholas to hand them down to.

Anyway I decided to wait a bit and in the meantime, just give him 2 choices to select every morning and he just has to learn that even his favourite shirts need to be washed. That being said, we don't get major meltdowns ever, over selection of clothes/shoes etc.. like I hear from some parents.

Marcus has always been fairly agreeable on such issues and I don't think it is because he is a pushover. He is just agreeable and such things don't matter as much to him. When it is something that does, he will be more assertive and cry and fuss but still I think we are persuasive enough on most occasions to persuade/reason with him. When all fail, he will cry and get really upset, but it doesn't last that long either. All tots have their moments and so does my boy. Some days he just want to play with his buses all day long and refuses bath, change of clothes or brush his teeth etc.. but again it takes some persuasion. A friend kept commenting that Marcus is just so obedient. He is a good kid, of course, but it helps if parents are consistent in our approach.

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