Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Big boy

In his room. 16 months. Jan 2006.
16 months. Jan 2006.
April 2006. 19 months.
21 months. June 2006.
26 months. Nov 2006.
33 months. June 2007

Marcus announced today "mama, I am a big boy now". I am so proud of how my little boy has grown up. Still small in my eyes and I guess will always be my little boy, no matter how old he gets, married or not. He tells me everyday when I pick him up from school that he "needs" to cuddle mama. Funny he uses the word "needs" instead of "wants". I wonder if he knows the subtle difference and how by his choice of word, it makes it impossible for me to say "no" to his request. I always ask him why he needs to cuddle mama, is it because he is lazy or tired or just want to be close to mama, and he will always reply "I want to be close to mama. I need to cuddle mama".

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