Thursday, July 12, 2007


...and I just can't sleep. No caffeine since my morning cuppa, and no nap either, but just don't know what is keeping me awake. Always makes me feel guilty when I am up at this ungodly hour while my 3 boys are snoring away. I should be resting now to be energetic enough to start the day with my babies and still enjoy them. I should be in bed now cuddling the older boy instead of just sitting around reading someone else's blogs or surfing the Internet. Darn.

Undeniably, I get impatient and grumpy when I am tired and insufficiently rested. Certainly not something I'm proud of and I constantly wish I have more willpower to control that uncontrollable surge of emotions when I feel like leashing it out at someone. My current can't-get-to-sleep state annoys me. I can't lie in bed listening to snores as it keeps me up even more, while annoying me concurrently. And I can't listen to music as I ended up becoming very alert, strange but true.. which is what happened after listening to an hour of Keane's music. What is the point of this post? Err.. not much I guess. I can't sleep, so I thought i might as well post it so that I can read about my silly guilt of being insomniac years later and laugh about it with my boys. Gonna go back to admire my sleeping hunks (big and small) and kiss their cheeks. And I mean ALL their cheeks... :P

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