Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Balls and Peekaboo

> Nicholas with his favourite balls. Posing for the camera while lying in his playpen.

My cheeky little baby initiated "peekaboo" yesterday. He was roaming around the living room in his walker while I surfed the Internet. Heard him say something so I looked in his direction and saw him pulling the curtain with a big smile. The moment we made eye contact, he let out a chuckle and promptly pulled the curtain over his face. He pulled so hard that the curtain covered his entire body and walker. Few seconds later he unveiled himself and chuckled some more. Then repeated the whole process another few more times. I laughed so hard. It is such a precious experience. He realised he was making me laugh a lot, which seemed to please him too. When he saw me whipped out the camcorder, he promptly dropped his game and played "chasing" with me.. He wanted my camcorder!

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