Sunday, June 17, 2007

Shichida, Party, Porridge, Pull-up

So impressed with M's ability to remember the pictures at Flash Memory segment. He got 12 out of 13 correct today, the only one he didn't get right was the new picture introduced today - bullock cart. One other kid got about 3 or 4 right and the rest were quiet throughout. Was surprised that all kids are continuing to next term, though so costly, parents are really not sparing expenses even though most probably not seeing results yet. He was so chatty throughout, and teacher remarked in his term assessment that he is 'so eloquent with good linguisitic potential' among other compliments.

Took boys to Bedok in evening for birthday party. M enjoyed himself so much and even squeezed his way through crowd to stand next to birthday boy and family during birthday song singing and cake cutting, especially when he isn't even keen on cakes. Haha. Would be funny if he appeared in most photos. With CARS stickers and storybook as party favours and even a bunch of cars as present for his doodling contest participation, it must be a great party for him, though I was hoping that he would get to taste the cake to gauge his preference. Too bad we didn't even get any cake at all, which is problem with huge turnout.

Mental note:- must ensure all guests get cake at N's party, since likely to have huge crowds too. E wants separate parties for the boys to be fair to N, so M is getting his 3rd party with handful kids, probably get him to choose who to invite and N shall get similar style 1st birthday bash as M before with caterer, relatives etc..

Nicholas definitely prefers baby cereals to brown rice porridge. Tried 4x and he rejected them all, I am getting lazy to try more. Shall try another few more times and if he dislikes it still, shan't bother till he is older. Have been giving Healthy Times/Earth Best cereals so far and he likes them all. Don't want to cook white rice porridge since so refined = low nutrients.

Pull-up, Crawl
N pulled himself up in cot today and could stand very steadily holding on to the bars in cot. He was so pleased with himself, laughing so much while standing up. The new perspective must have thrilled him lots. Didn't remember M doing that at 8 mths though M was very strong and advanced in gross motor skills. N has been crawling a little for about 2 to 3 weeks now. Just took out the foam mats to let him practise more. Prior was only crawling on our bed/his cot. Immediately he crawled around and pulled himself up holding to the side of sofa, the way he does when he's in cot. Very pleased with himself with a big smile on his face.

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