Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Cruising, Just thoughts

Nicholas started cruising in his cot tonight. Can't stop admiring how cute he is and I know I am going to miss these days when he gets older, which probably will motivate me to try for #3. Hah! I cuddle and kiss him so much everyday, though I try to ensure he gets time to play on his own and also to explore freely. But he tends to navigate back to me the moment he sees me. That sweet little needy nut! Tell myself to enjoy being needed and loved while I can, considering how sometimes Marcus will still say he doesn't want mama and want papa. Usually only happens when E is around.

Just thoughts
Bumped into an old classmate after yoga. Haven't seen her for 12 yrs and got to know one of our old classmates drowned in the Bahrain ferry sinking incident last yr. Gosh! Though I haven't seen him/in touch since Sec 4, still the news affected me a lot. How fragile life is and how much we must cherish the loved ones we have. He was trapped inside the lower deck with his wife when the boat capsized, so both died. So young. Such a waste. He left behind his old parents. Imagine the loss and pain his parents must feel, indeed only a parent can truly empathise. Immediately I thought of shelving my idea of taking Marcus and mum on a cruise next month. Must cherish my 3 boys so much and live each day to the fullest.

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