Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Pretend Play, Creativity, Writing, Friends

Quite obvious Marcus' favourite characters from Monsters Inc. are the green Mike (whom he called Mikey), Sulley and Boo. From the box of over 30 plastic characters of the film which E brought back from Change Alley, Marcus plays with Mikey the most, making him ride the bendy bus to go to school, go to shops and Mikey surviving bus crash! Haha!

Past by a vending machine today and Marcus asked me if I want to buy some drinks. So I asked if he has money and he pretended to take out from his pocket, put the coins in the slot and made selection. Then took out his drinks, opened the can and shared with me. :)

Most days, he can't wait to get home after school to play with his buses and can play non-stop from 1130am to 5pm unless I insist that he naps before 3pm. Now he arranges his buses for all sorts of crash scenario and Mikey goes for rides.

Marcus uses the shapes in his box of Colours in Shapes to arrange into buses, trains and yesterday he even made the SMRT logo using a trapezium on top, rectangle in the middle and semi-circle below. Then he sandwiched a small circle between 2 bigger circles and told E it is a hamburger! Haha!

Marcus draws various shapes (square, rectangle, circle, triangle, oval) rather well now and also started writing the letters 'M', 'A', 'X' 'S', 'H', 'I', 'J' and 'O'.

Such a joy to pick Marcus up from school. He is always so happy and will point out his classmates to me when he sees them outside school. He knows their names and even tell me sometimes he likes them and what they did in school.

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