Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Draw, Spell, Maze and Geometry


Can draw sooooo well! He is improving everyday. His train, double-deckers, single-decker, bendy bus and taxi drawings are amazingly impressive, at least to me. Complete with windows, doors, wheels and even the road for the vehicle to move on. He is colouring within lines now and can even do dot-to-dot diagrams independently and accurately! So proud of him.

Can spell 'car', 'taxi', 'van', 'bus' amongst others and even write 'taxi' and 'Marcus' on his own. Asked me to spell 'comfort' taxi for him and after typing it a few times, he actually could remember and spell it himself.

Above: he wrote 'taxi' himself while I held his hand to write 'Marcus'. And he loves to underline his words.


Got Marcus to do the worksheets provided by SM and realise how much improvements he has made in past 12 weeks. He can now do mazes and tanagrams on his own and do them well too. Very fond of mazes too. Had to stop him, else he could probably do 20 at a go.

Last week he rearranged 6 triangles into a hexagon and announced proudly to me and E 'look look here is a hexagon!'. Then he did the same with smaller triangles. Also rearranged 2 semi-circles into a circle and 2 trapeziums into a hexagon, all on his own. We didn't teach him that, so he either figured it out himself or must have learnt it in school. So proud of him.

Talks a lot more about school to me these days. Woke from nap today and told me he cut a black flower and Bryan cut purple and yellow flowers. He meant paper flowers. Saying a lot of cute lines too.. Asked him something and he will reply 'I think it is... ", "oh, wait wait wait let me see..'. yesterday after changing his nappy he said to me 'mama, thank you for helping me' . wow.. i was floored as again I didn't teach him that. Now he will also ask chic-chic questions and answer on his behalf. Haha.

Makes up a lot of songs with his own lyrics which I can't understand at all. Sings all day long whenever he is in jovial mood and seems entertained by it. Hardly sing a proper song anymore.

Asks lots of questions all day long now and he likes to paraphrase. Recent example -
M: 'mama the man is running after the bus'..
I : 'yes because he is trying to catch the bus'..
M: 'so he can't get on the bus if he runs slowly?'
I: 'that's right. He has to run fast to catch the bus'
M: 'so he has to run faster?'
I: 'yes run really fast to catch the bus before the bus door closes'
M: 'so he can't get on the bus if the door closes?'
etc etc... and this can go on for a long time if I indulge him.

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