Friday, June 29, 2007


Some of Marcus' fav English books since he was 6 mths old ...
1. The Very hungry caterpillar by EC
2. Very busy spider
3. Goodnight moon by MWB
4. My World by MWB
5. Fox in Socks by Dr Seuss
6. Green Eggs and Ham
7. Hop on Pop
8. One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish
9. Under the Bed
10. Where the wild things are
11. Guess how much I love you
12. Spot's Treasure Hunt
13. Grouchy ladybug
14. Is this the house of Mistress Mouse

and a couple more which I can't recall... these were/are his fav books which he demanded we read to him every night for a few weeks for some and others for as long as a few months.. Current hot fav is 'Is this the house of Mistress Mouse' which E and I have been reading for more than 3 months now and we are SICK of it.

He used to laugh at sections of 'Caterpillar' esp the ending due to the animation I made and he came to expect it. Chuckled lots when I read "Spider' book during all the 'moo moo' and 'neigh neigh' sounds. Read 'Goodnight Moon' nightly for at least 6 months till we got him 'My World' which swiftly became his new fav. At 20mth, he tried to read 'My world' on his own for first time. Then moved on to read 'Green Eggs' and 'hop on pop' on his own, though could read words here and there prior to 20 mths. By 21 mth old, he could read books #1 to 10 on his own, except for Fox in Socks which contains lots of difficult words. All this in addition to his other collections and chinese books.

Stopped reading so much since Nicholas arrived though. Seems to have lost interest in his books too.

Have been trying to read to Nicholas but can't seem to find enough time/opportunities. Not enough 1-1 time i guess. Also realise E is not reading to N at all! Think he got lazy/less motivated and definitely less time. For past few weeks I tried reading him 3 books daily before nap times and change the books every week, in addition to random ones I pick whenever possible. He loves 'spider' and 'caterpillar' too and whenever I start reading/reciting, he will stop whatever he is doing and look straight at me with a recognition smile. Aww...

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