Friday, June 15, 2007

Downtown East, So Fat

Downtown East
Haven't been there for a decade. Took boys there on Saturday after airport sending off grannies. Just as we reached DTE, Marcus fell asleep. But chic was awake, so he was busy looking around and taking everything in. He especially loves the busy scenes and like other kids, find older kids fascinating. Wanted to take M to Explorerkids, but decided to return on weekdays as too busy with too many older kids on climbing frames. Could imagine how much fun M would have. At least boys had fun day, taking Skytrain at airport, taxi, bus and MRT rides. Could tell how much grannies love the boys, kissing non-stop and of course they are going to miss my cuties. Pity they can't stay longer or come more frequent.

E put M on the weighing scale at airport and he weighs 13.2kg!! Yippee! Bumped into a kid afterwards and I realise how much bigger M is now compared to that kid of same age who was much heavier than M a year ago. My baby M has really grown quite a bit since he turned 2, eating better and more and somedays with appetite that surprises me even.

So Fat
Few weeks ago, Marcus remarked loudly to E 'papa, that man is so fat' when an obese man walked past them at AMK bus interchange. Both E & I were shocked and amused at same time. Actually I was quite horrified. I didn't even introduce the word 'fat' to him before and have never ever referred to any person as 'fat'. Though there is nothing factually wrong to teach him that, but I think it is politically incorrect thing to teach these days.

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