Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sick, Shichida

First Marcus got a cough, then Nicholas got a cold with no cough. Few days later, both boys start to have fever and after 5 days, before they show any signs of recovery, I am down with sore throat and slight cough. Hectic week and sleep deprivation aren't helping and I am so not looking forward to Monday. It was great that grannies were around to help out last week, with them around, I felt better leaving Nicholas home while I get Marcus to school and fetch him back. The day felt so long, especially when boys are sick and me feeling all tired and worn out. With help, it certainly makes tons of difference, though I still didn't get to lie down much during the day. Didn't help either that my heart feels heavy, burdened by other stresses. I feel so sorry for little Nicholas though he still smiles at me a lot, but doesn't seem to be as much as usual. Barely 7 months and already he is sick thrice while Marcus didn't get sick at all for his first 12 months. Poor baby just wanted to be close to be me all day long. So incredibly sweet.

Yesterday, Nicholas sat in the walker for first time and really loved it. Chased his snail. E made a lovely video of him chuckling and chasing the snail. Finally he is mobile.

E attended SM class with Marcus today for first time since I have lost some of my voice. He already said before that he is prepared to send M for 4 terms without seeing results since he can appreciate that it will take a while to see results. Asked him what he thought after sitting in for a session and he was impressed. Maybe we should also consider sending Nicholas when he is older.

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