Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Yesterdays, Alright!, Mama and Negotiating

Yesterdays, Alright!, and Mama

Marcus seems to understand the concept of "yesterday, today and tomorrow, now, later, tonight and morning" very well now. He uses them a lot in his conversations with me and in his descriptions.

He is also very fond of saying "we go take bus later, alright? Alright!" He would ask the question and answer with "alright" immediately without a chance for me to reply. Very funny to watch. I realise how much he picks up from me and what I say. He will say "just wait a minute, okaaaay?", "I say WAIT!" (something I say a lot to him when he "pesters" me at an inconvenient moment), "har??" when he didn't hear properly what we say and wanted us to repeat. This last one is not something I am proud of, so we have been trying to teach him to say "pardon?" instead. So far, no progress.

Just yesterday, I realise how often he would say "mama, this... " and "mama, that... ". Whenever we are out, he would point at things and say "mama, look, a cement mixer!", or "mama, look, there is a black bird", or "mama look!, there is a double decker bus" etc etc.. It melts my heart upon that realisation. I must make a BIGGER effort to be EVEN more attentive to him and makes him feel that whenever he says "mama, ..." he has my undivided attention, even though very often it is not the case, as I have to deal with Nicholas at the same time. However, I do make efforts to always answer him whenever he calls me and to answer him in a non-rushed manner.

My little nut negotiates! :) He does that in a matter-of-fact manner when it comes to issues that matter to him, like how often we go out of the house for "gai gai", modes of transport to take and number of pieces of chips (i.e. potato chips) he will get. Sometime he will say to me, "mama we go take bus and taxi later, alright?" to which I may reply, "we can't take bus until daddy comes home, ok?" Then he may say "then we go take train (meaning MRT) and taxi, alright?" After each successful peeing in potty, he knows we promise him chips. I usually will tell him in advance that he will get 2 pieces of chips when he can pee into the potty. He will then reply cheekily with an accompanying cheeky smile, "no, I want 5 chips!". When I say "no sweetie, mummy just said 2 chips", he will then reply "ok, I want 4 chips!" HAHAHA!! It makes me laugh everytime he says that. He is only 2.5 yrs old and already negotiating! I like to think that he has my genes there.. since mummy is a tough negotiator at work. Great potential I say.

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