Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Big appetite and Nicholas (Jan to Feb 2007)

Big appetite
Nicholas has such a big appetite which certainly pleases me a lot. Today, he ate 4 tablespoons of dry cereal mixed with 150ml of milk and a quarter of avocado. 2 hrs later, he drank another 125ml of milk. Wow! All in that little tummy. :)

I have been rather unenthusiastic in weaning Nicholas, which makes me feel guilty whenever I think of it. Since he started solids 2 weeks ago, I have only introduced brown rice, avocado and pumpkin so far. I should really have introduced more new tastes/food to him by now if I were to follow the 4-day rule. I didn't want to feed him jar food, which means I have to cook/blend fresh ingredients myself. I didn't want maid to touch any of his food/utensils, so I have to do it all myself. With the boys demanding attention and taking turns to nap in the daytime, it is a real challenge getting stuff done. Especially when I get so tired from handling them, it is so easy for weaning to slide into a lesser priority. That being said, I, being the supermum, gotta try harder so my precious lil nut gets to enjoy new tastes. He loves his mush and would make a lot of noise if I can't spoon fast enough. He especially enjoys the organic pumpkin mush I made. That tiny piece was priced at $6. I debated for a while at Tanglin Marketplace whether to buy it or just go for the non-organic one which will cost only $1.30. But in the end, I reminded myself of the resolution I made to feed Nicholas as much organic food as possible. Not that we can't afford the difference, so why stinge? Again, his wonderful papa repeatedly assured me that I can buy whatever organic food for my boys, regardless of price, as long as I think it is worth it. So what is that $4.70 difference for a piece of organic pumpkin which will last Nicholas for a few meals, when we are sending Marcus to SM which cost $1 per min.

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