Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Conversation with Marcus

At a toy store earlier, Marcus saw a railyway bus which is essentially a double decker bus. Very attractive one but it costs $15. He loved it so much, was staring at it for a while, then he took it to me and had a really funny conversation with me.

Marcus: Mama, look! A double decker bus. It's red!

Me: yes, I can see that. It is a pretty one.

Marcus: Later we can play with this double decker bus, alright? (nodding his head repeatedly and then walk away without for my reply)

Me: Well Marcus, I don't know how you are going to play with it later. It is still wrapped in its packaging.

Marcus: Mama, we can buy it first. Then open it. Marcus can play later. (I laughed so hard at that!)

Me: Buy it? You have money?

Marcus: Yes! In papa's wallet. (still looking at the bus)... Mama, we go buy now! Now! Alright!!

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