Wednesday, April 11, 2007

First trip without the boys!

One regret I have is not travelling more before I got pregnant. Pity I didn't heed the advices of friends to do the big trips like month long visit to 10 countries in Europe or drive around the States before settling down to motherhood. 

Even in the 2 years when I was in London, I didn't travel more frequently than I would love to. As usual, the cost of travelling ensured that I wouldn't pack my suitcase every weekend. However on hindsight (as usual again), I should have just ignored my bank balances and go to every city I fancied since I would have saved so much on airfares already. 

Anyway, back to Singapore and making tons of $, I had more disposable income than time, so I wasn't doing any big trips for pleasure either. Luckily I went to Bangkok and Beijing while pregnant with Marcus (imagine a 4 mth preggie woman going up and down the Great Wall!), otherwise I would have felt more deprived. 

The last time I flew was in October 2005 to Bangkok, though I did go Bali when I was 6 mth pregnant with Nicholas. But that was 10 months ago and I am again itching all over for a trip to some interesting places. So it made my day when E's parents very understandingly agreed to babysit the boys when they come over to visit in May so we can take a holiday.

Problem is where to go now... hmm... Tokyo, Beijing, some islands like Maldives or Seoul... ? Finally we decide on Kyoto.

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