Thursday, April 12, 2007

Shopping with Marcus... Makes Marcus happy!

Anyone who comes over for playdate will notice the big collection of vehicles that Marcus has, hence the conclusion that he loves to play with "things with wheels". Whenever we go to any toy store, you can always find Marcus at the section with trains, cars and buses. He can be there for hours if the accompanying adults are not there to pester him with "okay, let's go now". This phrase he has heard so much that he uses it back at us whenever he gets the chance. Like the moment I enter a boutique, Marcus will go "okay mummy, let's go now!" and say that another ten times or till I decide it is too embarrassing to stay in there anymore. Like yesterday, he just repeatedly screamed at the top of his lungs while waiting at a boutique for me. When there was no response from me, he took off his socks and shoes and exclaimed loudly "mummy, no more shoes!! oh-oh!!" As if that was going to deter me from shopping. Haha!

Usually after an hour or two of playing with the Thomas trains and other buses, cars etc.. Marcus will always want to bring a few home. I usually get him to decide on his favourite and allow him to buy only one, if any at all. Yesterday, he stood at the Tomy section that has over 100 types of small vehicles, each costing $3.50 and chose for 2 hours!! Each time he sees something he likes, he says "mummy, we buy this one, okay?" 5 minutes later, he sees another and would say the same thing. So after a while, I told to decide on his fav and we will buy that one since mummy only has $3.50. I showed him the 3 $1 coins and a 50 cents coin I have. He just couldn't decide. A few times he decided on the white/blue taxi, or the patrol car, or the fire engine, or ambulance.. and then swiftly changed his mind when something caught his eye. Eventually he chose a boring black Toyota car. Gave him the coins and taught him to count the money, brought him to cashier, and he told her "I want to pay for this car", handed over the coins, and waited for her to put the box/car into the bag.. said his "thank you, bye, see you later" and then walked back with me to his stroller. There he said to me, "mummy bought Marcus this car, it makes Marcus happy". Aww.. it was all worth it. :) And so cheap, only $3.50!!! That is why he has about 12 Tomy vehicles to date...

When we got home, he woke from his brief nap of 30 min.. and was hungry and grumpy. Looked at his black car and then fussed a lot.. Asked him why, he said "I don't like this black car. I want that white/blue taxi at the store!" *faint* Lesson on toddler's decision making.

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