Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Nicholas is 6 months old!

My little baby Nicholas is 6 months today. Wow... can't believe how fast time flies. He chuckles so much these days and is such a happy and smiley baby. Wonderful and fun most of the time, except that he likes to be cuddled (smart choice, but which baby doesn't) vs. lying down. And he is not contented with 10 min cuddle. Nowadays when we are out, he wants to be carried ALL the time. So I have to carry him with one hand and push the 8kg pram with the other. Maid usually has to push the stroller with Marcus in it, so can't help me. Whenever we are out and this happens (which is almost daily now), I have the urge to rush to Great World City and buy the stylish Phil&Teds double stroller, the only factor that stops me is it costs a whopping $1k! I know we can afford it and E would agree anytime, but I just can't bring myself to buy it since our Aprica was already $700. Even though we used it with Marcus for a while, but it is still in such great condition that it seemed like a big waste to keep it in storage.

I have always wanted to have 3 children, always thought that life would be complete with 3 beautiful children and a wonderful husband. But when baby Nicholas arrived, I was shell shocked at how tough it was to get through the first weeks. I (We actually, since E shares same sentiments) honestly forgot how tough it was with Marcus's first weeks. Some kind of selective memory and amnesia. Hah! I only remember the good times and how easy Marcus was as a baby. Anyway, what doesn't help was in addition to the difficulties in breastfeeding, I also had my guilt feelings towards Marcus for not being able to spend more time with him, and I had to manage my maid instead of having my mum around for my confinment (big difference here is I don't have to tell my mum what to do for confinment meals and she knows exactly what to do with baby and household). Life would be so much easier without the hourly breastfeeding, though it was miles easier to feed Nicholas than Marcus, the constant backaches and lack of sleep. After the first 2 weeks, E and I announced that we will stop at 2. Haha! I even told my mum to remind me of the "hard" times if she ever hears me say we are going to try for #3. Pity, as it means I am destined not to have my own little girl. I always think little gal will be closer to mummies than boys (and as I can see with Marcus now who prefers daddy anytime, it does breaks my heart sometime to think that after years of loving and nurturing them, they will both grow up closer to daddy, want to share their secrets with him and go on trips with him and hate me). Sigh. 

Just last week while I was browsing at Gap and Zara, I noticed all the beautiful little dresses that I could have bought for my little girl and they are not cheap at $50 each! Oh well, c'est la vie.. but I do love my 2 boys to bits, so I shall still spend the same amount on their shirts and fancy pants which I see at GAP online. Hmm... daddy does think that NOTHING is too expensive for his precious boys, so I shall go online and order $200 worth of apparels later for my precious lil babies. :)

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