Sunday, April 8, 2007

Please & Thank You

It always warms my heart to hear Marcus says his "please", "thank you" and "you are welcome" and come to think of it, he has been saying them for over 10 months now. Throughout the day, I can hear Marcus say "mama, more water please" or "mama, I want to drink milk please", "mama, I want to watch hi-5 please".. etc etc.. And when we give him something, he will go "oh thank you!" instantly. What a polite little boy. Hee hee..

Earlier, he said to E "papa, would you lie down please?" as he wanted E to lie on the floor so he could jump on daddy and sit on his face. Haha.. very funny to watch, especially since Marcus would squeal with delight everytime he gets to jump up and down on daddy's tummy. I tried once and it was so painful. No wonder Marcus prefers daddy since he only gets to play rough with him.

Pictures above were taken when Marcus was 22 months old, in July 2006. He still plays this game with papa though he now weighs 12.8kg.

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