Wednesday, April 4, 2007

This Week

Boys have been sick with running nose/cough/sneezing for over a week now and finally they look like they are recovering.

Marcus spent an hr playing in the toy shop while I did grocery shopping. He sneezed so much we had to rush home. Played with Crayola stamping markers and playdoh before nap. Went playground in the evening.

Took the boys to Ang Mo Kio hub via MRT. Thought it would be fun to explore a new mall and just go somewhere new. But it turned out so disappointing. No playground and not even a slide inside the mall, only 1 miserably small toy shop, no Toys R Us but just the usual boring brand name shops. And Nicholas just cried so much wanting to be carried all the time, so it was not fun at all. Boys fell asleep on the way back.

Took cab to Vivo City which pleased Marcus a lot. He kept wanting to take buses but with only maid and me, it is impossible to handle 2 boys and prams on bus and I am also uncomfortable with idea of maid carrying either boy on bus even if we were to travel without the pram/stroller. So had to take MRT or taxi. Marcus spent an hr playing with buses/cars (which are still in packaging) in Toys R Us and another 1.5hr at the playground. Got himself soaking wet from playing with the water jets but he had such fun, smiling all the time so i didn't stop him though we didn't bring any spare trousers for him. Had to take cab back with him wearing a tshirt and nappy, but he didn't seem to mind at all.

Went Botanic Gardens with both boys and it was NM's first trip there. He really took it all in. Could see his little eyes light up. So adorable. Gotta go more often now. Marcus spent lots of time looking at postcards and didn't really explore as much as i was hoping he would but I guess I should just leave to him to decide what he wants to do. Nicholas demanded to be carried (by me only) ALL the time but he seemed to enjoy the sights and sounds so much, I didn't mind carrying andwhispering to him. After that, we walked all the way to Tanglin Mall and then Forum where Marcus played for about an hour in the toy shops, then we headed home. Out for dinner at the Sun with Moon restaurant which looked so fancy, but food was rather average. But it was fun to have Marcus sit at the table and eat with us while maid took Nicholas elsewhere. Reminded me of the fun times before NM arrived when we used to eat out so often, and I am sure Marcus also enjoyed being the only "baby" at the table for that little while as I could see his cheeky smiles all the time and he seemed real happy to have our full attention. But I also feel guilty having such feelings. Took boys to the nearby mall after dinner and Marcus ran so much, so full of beans! Nicholas would laugh and chuckle so much whenever he sees Marcus run away, absolutely hilarious for us to watch. Then we took bus home (really for the boys sake only, else would be taxi for sure). Boys enjoyed the bus ride so much, especially NM. Really long day for all of us, but all's worth it since it was so experiential for the lil ones.

Ed took Marcus for his first ride on a double-decker and sat in the front seat on upper deck, while I took Nicholas down to the pool early morning for a quick stroll. Then it was bonding time with daddy for the rest of the day. Marcus has been talking about his Ducktour experience lately. Been trying to prompt him more to get him to describe but so far, he still won't tell me more, except that it has wheels and can go into water.. and that he likes it and want to go again.

Spent the morning at the Zoo. First trip for Nicholas and he seemed to enjoy it quite a bit, looking at everything with interest. Marcus was more interested in the trams than the animals, though he did pay attention to the swinging monkeys and cheeky Orang Utans. Definitely must go again real soon before our Zoo membership expires.

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