Wednesday, April 4, 2007

So different

I know it is now widely acknowledged as a bad parenting move to compare the kids but hell, they are MY kids and I am only comparing to myself and not in front of them. But i can't help but wonder and (sometimes be amused or worried) at the seeming difference between the 2 boys.

Gross Motor
Marcus started flipping from back-to-tummy at 2 months exactly and tummy-to-back at 3.5 mths. Nicholas flipped from tummy to back at 9 weeks and the other way at 5mths.
At 4mths, Marcus was already trying to flip non-stop everytime I placed him in the bouncer and even tried pulling himself up while lying in it at 5 mths, which worried me so much that I tried him on the walker. But Nicholas still hasn't gotten used to the bouncer enough to want lie down for over 10 min per stretch, compared to Marcus's 30 min, and he just started to try flipping in bouncer.

Not sure if it has to do with this, but Marcus was sleeping on his back right from day 1, whereas Nicholas was placed on tummy soon after he came home from hospital. When mum first suggested placing Marcus on his tummy to calm him down, E and I anxiously rejected the idea as we were first-time parents, so naturally very edgy about any ideas/suggestions that we reckon as dangerous/risky/irrational etc.. but with Nicholas, we are now "experienced" so we gave in to MIL when she suggested. Make sense? Also, Nicholas prefers to be carried upright (leaning on our body) whereas Marcus was easygoing with a cradle position till he was past 5 mths (Nicky hates it), again I think difference lies in confinement help who carried them differently.

Nicholas has a thicker waist, fatter thighs and ankles and probably longer torso compared to Marcus at same age. I know because Nicholas wears lots of Marcus's clothes. Also at 5 mths old, Nicholas weighed 7.1kg compared to Marcus' 6.8kg. So maybe Nicholas would be the chubbier one in future.. hehee

I remember seeing Marcus trying to flip over from back when he was only barely 5 weeks old. He would keep trying everytime I left him on bed. Also he seemed to like lying in bed more than Nicholas and would just look around, coo, appreciate the ceiling and beddings, or just "exercise" while I leave him on bed. Nicholas couldn't tolerate a second in bed till recently when his best record is 20 min stretch in the morning. Once he sees me, he starts fussing till I pick him up and for the rest of the day, will not allow me to put him back into bed even for a second without fussing.

Reading & toys & singing
Marcus used to love books and would quieten down everytime I showed him a book or read to him. He also loved "My Bonnie" so much that it would send him to zzzzz everytime i cuddled and sang it. I realise Nicholas doesn't appreciate books as much (or should I say at all). He doesn't care much in fact.. oh oh.. i wonder if it is because we didn't spend as much time reading to him. Also, he is not keen on toys too.. would only look at them for less than 5 min before started crying and demand to be carried straightaway.

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