Thursday, April 5, 2007

Playdoh & Asking Questions

Marcus has been so into Playdoh this week. Would ask for it everyday and somedays, more than twice. He loves the small moulds and want to make cheese and mushrooms all day long but have trouble pressing the moulds hard enough, so most of the time he gets adults to play with him, make the "food" he wants and then he peels them into small pieces and throw all over the floor. Luckily we have someone to clean up after. After he has a plate of waffles, egg, cheese, butter, bacon and strawberries, he would serve them on a plate and ask me or daddy to eat them. Sometimes he puts them in his oven to cook them longer before serving and when we pretend to eat, he would ask "is it nice?" or he will pretend to eat and then said "hmm... yum!" :)

I realise I have been saying a lot of "marcus don't do this and that.." the past months which is something I must consciously avoid, unless it is on something very serious. Must be very discouraging and stifling for him. I just realised yesterday that he doesn't seem to be asking as many questions as before now.. I wonder if it is because I've not been asking him as many questions now. Gotta make effort on that.

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