Tuesday, April 3, 2007


Marcus seems to have made swift progress in his Mandarin and is able to understand simple commands and some nouns. He has taken quite an interest in chinese rhymes and nursery songs like "ke ren lai" (guest comes), "ni wa wa" (mud doll), "liang zhi lao hu"(2 tigers), "xiao mi feng" (little bee) and can sing them fairly well. He was able to sing "twinkle little stars" in Mandarin over 6 months ago anyway but never made any progress and in recent 2 weeks, I decided to sing more in Mandarin and his memory is so good that he can pick up a new song within a day. He is now very good at reciting some simple chinese nursery books from memory too and I suspect he can recognise many characters already as I saw him picking the book up and read. But got to test him to be sure. Now just yet though. Considering the little input he gets, I am very pleased with his interest and progress. It was a good decision buying him the 3 chinese VCDs which are now his new favourites and even replaced Hi-5. He seems to have learnt something from it.

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