Friday, April 20, 2007

Grammer, Vivo Fountainplay, Money Sense

A typical conversation these days when we are on the bus.

Marcus: mama, there is a long, long bus.
Me: yes, i can see that.
Marcus: There are a lot of people inside. (see another bus passes by) Oh mummy, there is another bus. There are 2 buses!
Me: yes, there are 2 buses.

Marcus: mama, we need to get on that bus (pointing at the long bus). We are getting off this bus now.
Me: no sweetheart, we are not getting off yet. We can't take that bus today, because it will not take us to the place we want to go.
Marcus: alright (sounds disappointed). We will take the long long bus tomorrow. Alright! (sounds perky again)

A few people asked me last week if Marcus is 4 or 5 y.o. after hearing him speak. Some were so surprised when he replied, "I'm 2 years old". I taught him that reply on his 2nd birthday, but deliberately not teach him to say he is two and a half y.o. now so he doesn't have to change that reply every 6 months. I am constantly surprised myself to hear him use good grammer. I wonder if my grammer was anywhere close by the time I was 10. Since he started talking in sentences at 21 months old, he was already using singular/plural nouns and shortly after he turned 2, he started using present/past/future tenses. Whenever I ask him to tell me what he did earlier, he would say "I went... " or "I bought..." or "I drew ... " etc etc.. Few months ago, I noticed he has started using prepositions (e.g. on, off, with, up, above, under, behind, in front, etc etc..) too, and more correct usage than my maid who has been speaking English for over 12 years. We really shouldn't underestimate these little tots.

Vivo Fountain play

Brought the boys to Vivo last week and again Marcus spent 2 hours playing at the playground, got himself all wet playing at the fountain. He had so much fun watching a bunch of St. Nicholas girls splashing each other silly and giggling, he was so tiny standing next to them watching them play. The whole time he looked so amused with a big grin on his face. He didn't know what to do when he got splashed by one of the girls by accident and just looked at his wet shorts with a helpless look though I knew he didn't mind. Then he joined another tot at the other fountain who was also getting himself real wet and when Marcus discovered that that other boy had brought a blue coach into the fountain area, he just wouldn't stay away from him anymore. His motive = get the coach! Haha! He kept following the boy who was holding on to the coach and when he saw me, he exclaimed real loudly 'mama, he has a blue coach!' and instantly I knew what he wanted. He then asked the boy 'can I see your coach please?' but after being repeatedly ignored, Marcus realised he wasn't getting what he wanted. Perhaps to exact some form of revenge or to show his existence, he splashed the boy in the face. The boy just looked a bit shocked, didn't seem to mind and continued playing. Marcus looked so disappointed so I had to cheer him up by suggesting that we go to the toy store to play with the coaches there. Instantly he was ready to get out of the playground, get dressed speedily and hurried me to Toys R Us which he could pronounce.

He spent the next hour playing with the buses at Toys R Us and kept telling me 'we need to buy this bus'. Told me he has '5 money' when I asked him if he has money and would pretend to take it out of his pocket. When I told him that even $5 is not enough to buy that bus, he looked distressed but lit up to my suggestion that he can sell his old toys to earn some money. Said he wanted to sell his old buses to buy this new bus.Then he got all excited thinking that he is going to buy a superlong bus. He carried the big bus still intact in its box and ran from the shelf to the cashier, and before I could stop him, he fell and the box must have scratched his cheek somehow. He looked a little shocked, but picked himself up and continued running towards the cashier. Aww... so I had to buy him that $17 bus though he already has over 40 vehicles of all sorts at home. He was so grateful with the purchase, kept telling me that he wants to play with the bus now. When I asked him if baby brother can play with the bus, he said 'no, only Marcus can play with this bus'. He was so happy with his new bus that he wanted to carry it while sitting in the stroller on the way home. And he fell asleep on the stroller with the big rectangular box in his arms.

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