Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Adorable Antics

Some cute and very funny things that Marcus said/did recently.

Marcus was admiring a sticker he found on one of his books (he stuck it on months ago and forgotten about) while lying in cot after his usual bedtime reading when I walked into his room. Asked me what that sticker is and I said it is a man without body. Actually it is half of an Ultraman, without the body. Then marcus looked at it carefully and commented, 'mama, hmm..this man has no arms and no butt. No arms, how to eat chips!'

Recent few days, he would hold my face out of sudden and want to rub his nose with my nose. An affectionate gesture which I used to do to him when he was really tiny. I do this with Chit-Chit too, so perhaps one day Nicholas will do it back to me, like what Marcus is doing now. It melts my heart and he knows that it makes me happy. So he keeps doing it. He likes it and makes him laugh too. When I say "let's rub noses" while he is in cot at bedtime, he would jump out of bed and poke his little nose in between the bars of the cot and rub it with mine. Then move his face such that his little nose pokes out of the next gap. In between the nose rubbing, he would giggle. Tonight, he said out of sudden, "mama, we NEED to rub nose"

He said to E few days back while lying in his arms, "papa, watch me close my eyes and sleep" and pretend to sleep. Then he said again "papa, watch me open my eyes and play!" and open his eyes and let out a big laugh.

Whenever it rains, Marcus would look out of the window, then with arms in the air, he would exclaim, "it is raining, how to go gai-gai".. and let out a big sigh, slump his shoulders as if very disappointed. Then look at me again and say "mama, we go take bus later, alright! When the rain stops. Alright!"

This afternoon, he said to me while grumpily looked at me carrying Nicholas, "don't carry Chit-Chit, put Chit-chit down. We go take white bus to America". So I explained America is too far, we can't take bus there and besides we can't cross the oceans with bus. Better to take plane. He replied, "We don't need plane, bus is very fast. We go Amercia. Papa is there" i told him before that E was there for work and it is very far away. So after not seeing daddy for 2 days due to his busy schedule, Marcus probably thought papa is away to America.

Marcus loves to be tickled though he is extremely ticklish. Whenever I sit on sofa, he would position himself such that he is sitting behind me, with his legs wide open encircling my hips, and say 'mama, would you squash me please' and when I do, he would laugh and say 'oh my face is so squashed, help!' He would ask 'mama, tickle me please' and whenever I stop, he would ask 'mama, more tickles please'.

He loves to pretend falling down and sometimes he would laugh, but sometimes he says, 'oh marcus falls down.. oh, marcus is dead'.

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